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Super Deluxe Pumping Kit

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Both you and your partner can enjoy a premium pumping experience with this super deluxe pumping kit

This all-in-one kit allows both men and women to enjoy pumping the penis, nipples, clitoris, or anywhere they'd like. The kit includes the deluxe metal hand pump and a flexible hose that attaches easily to the accessories. Use the long cylinder on the cock for enlargement that can increase his size and his confidence. Use the nipple cylinders to increase nipple size, making them more sensitive to touch. You can also use one of the cylinders on the clitoris.

This is designed to allow partners to pump some areas simultaneously (i.e. cock and clit or both nipples). This is done with the included T-hose connector. This kit can be used by individuals or by partners on each other.

Super Deluxe Pumping Kit Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Penis cylinder: 2 inches in diameter, 9 inches in length; Nipple cylinders: 3.14 inches in length , 1.08 inch outer opening diameter and 0.82 inch inner opening diameter
  • Material: Acrylic, metal, rubber
  • Color: Clear
  • Note: Kit includes pump with hose, penis cylinder, 2 nipple cylinders, and T-hose connector
  • Enjoy pumping the cock, nipples, labia or any other places
  • Partners can share the pumping sensations together
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