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Strict Leather Chastity Shorts

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Premium Security Chastity Shorts

These hand crafted premium leather shorts are one of the best products we have to keep him from getting access to his own cock. Made with premium quality leather its soft to the skin but very durable for the long length of time he'll be locked away in this penis prison.

How it works. Open the buckles on the legs and waist, unzip the cock area and slide your legs through the holes. Feed your penis through a hole within the next layer of leather. When you pull your cock through it use the leather cock strap to go securely around the base of the penis. This acts as both an erection ring and to keep your penis secured tightly to the shorts. Then if desired put the hard leather cock cover over the penis. This cover is anatomically designed to prevent the wearer from rubbing his privates against other objects and getting aroused since it separates the penis from whatever objected he tries to hump.

Next, zip up the size zippers and lop the zipper loops through the waist belt so the wearer can not unzip his crotch area. Feed the 2 heavy leather waist straps across the center locking post. Tighten and put both straps over the locking post. Use our SP005 padlock to secure. These padlocks work perfectly with these shorts.

Next tighten the heavy leather leg straps and secure over locking post with 2 more padlocks. There is one more post in the rear that you can add padlock to finish it off. Now your are totally at the mercy of the key holder. You will not be able to get out. There is a rear zipper that allows access for your partner to tease or torment the ass however they desire.

  • Made with highest level of hardware, zippers, posts and leather
  • Can not be removed without key
  • Locking thigh straps keep the wearer from trying to get his fingers up the thigh.
  • 1 latigo leather insert to further isolate cock access.

    Sizing: The Chastity Shorts come in the following sizes:
    • Size 29" Waist:35.5 " Hip; 11" Side Length; 19" Bottom Length; 12.5" Back Rise (excl. waist belt); 10.75" Front Rise (excl. waist belt); 1.5" Belt Height.
    • Size 31" Waist:37.5 " Hip; 11" Side Length; 20" Bottom Length; 12.75" Back Rise (excl. waist belt); 11" Front Rise (excl. waist belt); 1.5" Belt Height.
    • Size 36" Waist:43.5 " Hip; 12" Side Length; 23" Bottom Length; 13.5" Back Rise (excl. waist belt); 11.75" Front Rise (excl. waist belt); 1.5" Belt Height.
    • Size 38" Waist:45.5 " Hip; 12" Side Length; 24" Bottom Length; 14" Back Rise (excl. waist belt); 12" Front Rise (excl. waist belt); 1.5" Belt Height.
    Note:Locks Sold Separately.
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