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Huge Equine Speculum

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Extra Large Speculum

Wow. The shear sight of this device would make most drop to their knees for mercy. Thishugeall stainless steel speculum was designed for large animals. Used for diagnostic examinations and other procedures.

Excellent quality, being made of surgical stainless steel, it can be processed for frequent sterilizations and long life. To operate speculum, simply turn the hand screw until desired opening is achieved.

Measurements: Length from end to end of the entire instrument is 17 inches with a maximum spread of near 4 inches. The length from end to end of the speculum blades is 13-3/4 inches.

This is the King of Speculums for the most eXtreme edge players. It tips the scale at 2.6 lbs.

Sex Aids Speculums Medical Fetish

Sex Aids Medical Fetish