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The Bionic Electric Pump with Cylinder and Adapter

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Both men and women can enjoy increased size and pleasure with the Bionic Electric Pump

Using an effective penis pump can help men achieve great gains in length and girth. That, in turn, means deeper penetration and more satisfying sex for both the man and his partner. However, many men don't wish to deal with hand-help pumps. The Electric Penis Pump allows for quick and easy use with consistent pressure.

Thanks to an included adapter, women can now get pumping benefits, as well. With the included adapter, this pump works with all Size Matters cylinders (pussy, nipple, penis, and clit). This allows men and women to increase the size and sensations of their erogenous zones for more stimulating sexual pleasure.

For men, they can simply place their cock into the expansion cylinder and turn on the pump. The consistent pressure will help the man increase his cock both in width and in length. There is an air-pressure gauge and safety release valve to ensure a secure pumping session. Once complete, the kit includes a set of rubber erection rings or the man can opt to use the included leather erection ring. Using these rings post-pump will help the erection stay for a longer period of time.

For women, this means they can include a clit or nipple cylinder to increase size and sensitivity. Making them more sensitive to the touch can make sexual play more enticing and enjoyable.

Bionic Electric Pump Kit Contents:

  • (1) Expansion Cylinder (9.25" in length, 2" in diameter)
  • (1) Electric Pump
  • (1) Air-Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Safety Release Valve
  • (1) 10ft tubing connecting electric pump with cylinder
  • (3) Rubber Erection Rings (1" inside diameter, 1 3/8" inside diameter and 1.25" inside diameter)
  • (1) Adjustable Leather Erection Ring
  • (1) Adapter for connecting other Size Matters cylinders

    Bionic Electric Pump Kit Benefits:

  • Applies constant, consistent pressure for equal gains
  • Includes cock rings to help maintain erection post-pumping session
  • Increases the length and girth of cock for deeper penetration
  • Allows for faster results than using a standard hand pump
  • Can connect to other cylinders for use by men or women
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