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Clear Captor Chastity Cage

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A Transparent, Locking Chastity Cage With Customizable Ball Rings

Confine your sub in a cagedesigned for extended comfort! Made with forgiving plastic instead of metal, slightly flexible and softer so you can lock your sub's sexuality for longer scenes. Theventilation holes and cum-thru tipmake it easy for your partner to do their necessaries during wear!

Crafted for chastity enthusiasts whoprefer a cage softer than metal but still need stiffness for a satisfying caged feel. The Clear Captor gives Doms and subs aclear view of their member, withplenty of holes for ventilation to prevent excess moisture buildupduring wear.

Each Clear Captor comes with4 different sizes of rings to secure their ball sackduring wear. Whether his sack is high and tight or low and loose, there is a ring to fit his comfort level. Thesecure locking mechanism includes two keys and locks the cage in place without the need for a padlockto get in your way during wear.

Clear Captor Chastity Cage with Keys Specs:

Large Cage Measurements: Overall Length 4.4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches

Medium Cage Measurements: Overall Length 4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches

Small Cage Measurements: Overall Length 3.9 inches, widest diameter 1.5 inches

Rings Inner Diameter: Small 1.7 inches, Medium 1.8 inches, Large 2 inches, X-large 2.2 Inches

Materials: ABS Plastic

Color: Transparent

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