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Bolted Deluxe Silicone Urethral Sounds

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Massive sounds for even more massive pleasure!

Explore new territory during your urethral play with a set of three ultra-long sounds that increase in girth! The extremely flexible design of these devices make them perfect for all penis shapes and provides exciting, new options for pleasure! Each sounding rod has a tapered tip to ease penetration, and is silky-smooth and seamless. These sounds are made of premium quality silicone, making them non-porous, phthalate free, and body-safe. Sterilize before and after use with mild soap and warm water and do not use with silicone lubricant. Find out how much of these long, thick sounds you can handle!

Bolted Deluxe Silicone Urethral Sounds specifications:

  • Measurements: All three sounds are 13.75 inches in total length. Small sound is 7.5mm in diameter. Medium sound is 10mm in diameter. Large sound is 11.5mm in diameter.
  • Material: Silicone.
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