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Big Man's 12-inch Penis Pump

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This easy-to-use pump delivers BIG results!

The Big Man's Penis Pump is made to accommodate your biggest erection ever! The oversized cylinder lets you watch as your cock grows longer, thicker, and harder with every stroke and squeeze of the pump. Choose from three different sized sleeves to find what fits best and gives you the snuggest fit and the tightest seal for maximum pumping pleasure. Whether you're enlarging for action to come, or just enjoying the incredible sucking sensations of the pump, the Big Man's Pump is sure to deliver amazing stimulation and impressive enlargement results!

Big Mans 12-Inch Penis Pump Specs and Benefits:

  • Measurements: Approx. 12" long with an opening diameter of approx. 2.5"; sleeves come in variable sizes of approx. 1.375", 1.125", and 1" opening diameters, allow for stretch
  • Material: Sleeves are TPE; cylinder is ABS plastic; hose and bulb are PVC
  • Color: Cylinder is clear; hose is black; pump is purple; sleeves are pink, purple, and blue
  • Different sized sleeves ensure a perfect fit
  • An extra large cylinder accommodates larger sizes
  • Enjoy enlargement benefits in addition to stimulation
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