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Arched Back Leather Forced Posture Kit

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Keep your sub's back arched and ass stuffed with this 3 piece kit!

Save26% off, with this kit versus purchasing each item separately.

Wrench their head back and keep their ass high in the air with this unique anal harness kit. The high quality leather collar and the chrome-plated anal ball can be easily connected with the included 10 feet of rope. Pull it tight to apply more pressure in their ass and against their throat while their back is arched at an obscene angle. The heavy steel of the anal ball can be heated or cooled for added sensation, moving within them as they wiggle in restricted pleasure under your scrutinizing gaze!


"The more you arch, the more comfortable you'll be," I say to her, surveying the scene in front of me. She's naked on her hands and knees. The ring of her collar is connected by black rope to the ring of the anal ball, both of them pulling against one another so that she can't escape. She's gasping from the pressure of the collar, wiggling her ass to try to get used to the heavy metal in her ass hole. "Arch your fucking back," I order her in the voice that I know she'll always listen to. Sure enough, her ass raises higher in the air as her back bows downward. "Good girl," I tell her, listening to her breathing as it comes easier. "Doesn't that feel good, now?" She nods her head and I bend down to give her ass an affectionate swat. It looks so good with the metal device in it, that I can't help myself from spanking it a few more times. "Arch your fucking back!" I remind her as she begins to lose her position. "Don't make me get the paddle!"

Arched Back Forced Posture Kit Specifications:

  • Measurements: Ring has 2.06 inch internal diameter and 2.83 inch external diameter, Anal Ball is 1.25 inches in diameter, Insertable length of 2.35 inches (ball and shaft), shaft from cock ring to anal ball is 3 inches long; Collar: Adjustable from 13 to 19 inches in circumference, 2.5 inches in width; Rope: 10 feet in total length
  • Material: Leather, metal, chrome
  • Note: Kit contains collar, rope, and hooked anal plug
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