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8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager

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Take your sexual pleasure into overdrive with the 8-Speed Pearl Wand Massager

When you're able to have greater control over your sexual pleasure, the results can be astounding. The 8-Speed Pearl Wand not only offers 8 speeds of vibrating pleasure, but there's also a turbo button that you can use to send things into overdrive.

When you reach the 8th speed and you want that extra boost of power, use the turbo button. The turbo button can also be utilized no matter where in the speed settings you are, creating that immediate jolt of vibration. Also, if you repeatedly press the turbo button, you can create your own vibrating pattern. No more relying on pre programmed patterns to get you going. You know yourself best, so create the pattern that suits your needs.

The 8-Speed Pearl Wand has a lightweight design and a powerful motor. This motor goes from 3,000 to 7,000 RPM.

8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 12.25" in total length, Head is 2" long and 7.25" in circumference
  • Material: TPR, ABS
  • Designed for 110v outlets
  • Dazzling pearl color gives the wand a visual appeal
  • Use the boost button for a burst of vibration
  • Create your own rhythmic vibration pattern with repeated button presses
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