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4 Level Power Suction Penis Pump With Built-in Display

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Watch your progress on the LED screen as your cock grows within the cylinder!

Save your energy for after your cock is bigger, harder, and more sensitive! What will you do with your enhanced erection?

You don't have to squeeze any hand pumps to get this cylinder to suck the blood into your cock, making it engorged and tender! Just press the plus and minus buttons at the top of the cylinder to find the perfect amount of suction, with 4 vacuum settings to choose from. The high-tech LED screen will show you the pressure level within the cylinder, as well as keep track of the length of your session and the battery life.

This penis pump is also equipped with measurements along the length of the cylinder to quantify your gains. The textured cylinder is easy to maintain your grasp on, while a silicone sleeve creates a tight seal around the base of your cock. Use a little water-based lube to comfortably slide in and out of the cylinder. Finally, an easy-to-use pressure release valve will quickly free your dick when you are satisfied with the size and sensations.

What have you got in mind for that swollen shaft? Whether it's your hand, a stroker, or your partner's juicy hole, the increased size and ultra-hardness will be appreciated.

4 Level Power Suction Penis Pump With Built-in Display specifications:

  • Measurements: 11.5 inches in total length, 8 inches insertable cylinder depth, 2.35 inches in diameter. Silicone opening is .75 inches in diameter, unstretched. Hose is 8.75 inches in length.
  • Material: ABS, silicone
  • Sleeve is not compatible with silicone lubricant
  • Silicone sleeve can be removed
  • Textured cylinder
  • Note: Charges via USB
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